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Pre-nuptial Photo Shoots - Are They Really Necessary? Ardy and Miriam's Prenup photos in Tagaytay - 1st Year Anniversary
Publish On 2015-01-31 , 8:30 PM
Pre-nuptial shoots are very common nowadays. 
But are they really necessary? When I (Ardy) first got married in 1995 to my first late wife, Tingting, we never heard of pre-nuptial photo sessions. 
So when Miriam was asking me to put this on my calendar...well, honestly, I wasn't too excited. I found myself dragging my feet to this prenuptial shoot. (And besides, we already had an impromptu prenup shoot with our good friend and chaperon, JM Delarama in Batanes in November of 2013).
But I wanted to honor my future bride and our sponsors, Nice Print Photography. 
So, off we went to Tagaytay Highlands and Midlands where we had our shoot. 
After a while, I was game... and I started to enjoy it because my bride-to-be was so game... and  she looked so beautiful and hot!
On the occasion of our first year anniversary of our prenup shoot, we're posting some of our favorite pre-nup pictures. Thank you again so much Char Tinio of Nice Print Photography. (Check out You've helped us create and preserve these precious memories!
So, what do you guys think?
Did you enjoy shooting your prenup?
Was your prenup shoot worth the time and expense?

Memories of cupcakes: I first laid down my intentions to Miriam by giving her cupcakes with toppers that spelled out: "I like you."

Miriam and I love to picnic!



We were actually having part of our lunch here.

We were running late and had to rush to the city hall of Nasugbu after this to apply for our marriage license.





We both love books. We're both now authors as well!








This picture is one of our favorites and has been picked up by the press and organizers of conferences and events who use this as their event poster.



One of our favorite life verses: "We love because He first loved us." 1 John



Watch out for Miriam's next book: Real Women are HOT (my book, Real Men are POGI is still selling well at OMF Lit Bookstores and National Bookstore. Get a copy for a friend who's preparing himself for his God's best. #realmenarepogi


This reminds us of our prenup shoot in Batanes...


A+M = 1


"Invest your money in memories, not just stuff." - aor

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